A note about the show!

Hey podcast listeners!

Scott Berks here. I’m sure you’re all wondering just what is going on with the podcast! Where is everyone? Is the show still around?

Well, let’s talk about that. A few weeks ago Andy (HeadHardHat) told us that for personal reasons he was leaving the show. Not because of anything we or our listeners did, but for reasons outside of the podcast. We all respect his decision and wish him the best. Andy joined the show in 2011 and has had the main hosting duties since 2013. That’s a long time being the full-time Producer/Main Host of a podcast of this magnitude. Andy is beloved here and will always be part of the GCPC family.

So as of last week, I have taken over as the producer/host of the show. Unfortunately, most of you should know from listening to the show that I am currently knee deep in the baseball season. I have 3 kids playing on 5 teams, with me coaching 3 of those teams. I literally cannot even think of the show right now… But I do have ideas! 😉

What I can tell you:

1. The show WILL BE BACK come Fall/Winter. I need time after baseball to figure out exactly what I want to do, and figure out how to do it.
2. A lot about the show will be overhauled (website / format / timing / etc.)
3. I want to go back to what made the show popular from the start and I’m going to need everyone’s help with that (that’s a hint for ya)!

So in the meantime, We deeply apologize that the show will be offline for awhile. We’ve briefly talked about doing one more show to end this current shows run, but I just have to finish baseball. It’s almost over (ends mid-July). We certainly hope you stick with us and come back when we start back on the air in a few months. It’ll be fresh, new and polished. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Be good. Be safe. Hug your loved ones!


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