History OF The Geocaching Podcast

The Geocaching Podcast was originated in 2007 by geocacher/podcaster Andy Lehman also known as XpunkX. This was a new venture for Andy who at the time had no idea what type of an impact he would have on the geocaching community. For starters the GCPC was the first call-in talkshow for Geocachers. It moved to interactive chat to encourage more interaction between live listeners (& now viewers).  To this day and all around the world geocachers of all experience levels gather on a weekly basis to enjoy interesting facts about their favorite activity.

Also in 2007 came the first co-host to the show. Darryl ‘Darrylw4’ Wattenberg came on board to add his technical, media and geocaching insights to the mix. Darryl has been a continuous voice within the geocaching community and beyond with several podcasts including the Michigan Cycling Podcast, Cache-a-maniacs and more. 

Editor Note –  The median used for chat room and audio communications was through TalkShoe. The show chatroom was monitored by fellow geocacher GeekBoy.from.Illinois.

Editor Note – Placement about The Bad Cop aka Chris Umphenour and the Geocaching Question of the Day – need start and stop dates

In 2010 another co-host was added by the name of Montu Rider. This allowed even more geocaching opinions and experience to the mix. He stayed with the show until early 2011.


Shortly after Montu Rider left the GCPC in 2011, Andy Headhardhat Smith joined the show (around Episode 200). This was Headhardhat’s first podcast and had a whole lot to learn. Andy was well known for his GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos YouTube series that taught geocaching skills since its inception in 2008.

Editor Note –  In early 2013 a new median was introduced for the GCPC known as a Google+ Hangout OnAir. This allowed video recordings of the podcast plus the audio podcasts for the GCPC listeners. At this time Talkshoe was abandoned and a website www.geocachingpodcast.com/live was recreated to show the LIVE recording YouTube feed and an active chat room for geocachers to communicate with each other during the show.

Editor’s Note – LookOut Lisa aka Lisa Breitenfeldt  took over for the Geocaching Question of the Day segment from The Bad Cop. When?

In September of 2013 the Geocaching Podcast was shaken with the news that originator XpunkX had decided that he would be leaving the show (Episode 319). This left a huge hole for the show. Not only with lack of XpunkX’s inputs but now there were only two hosts left. Andy HeadHardHat Smith took over ownership and producer of the show. To help fill the now empty third position a casting call was issued.

Dave Kent was the first of several new hosts to contribute to the Geocaching Podcast.  Dave aka TheCarolinaCacher is a full time radio personality and added a fun and spontaneous character to the show. Starting in Episode 319, Dave added was known to playfully rib Darrylw4. He unfortunately had to leave the show only after six months (Episode 346).

Scott Berks came on board also in late 2013. His first appearance as guest was in Episode 321.  Scott also had his own show – The Chicago Geocaching Podcast made him a fantastic addition to our show as well. Scott has a wittingly colorful banter that makes him an amazingly entertaining podcast personality.

Even though we had a fine panel of hosts for the GCPC we wanted a more western side of the country perspective. Corey Stephens aka StevensAdInfinitum does just that. Originally when he started with Episode 323 he was living in Utah and recently moved to Montana. He continues to enlighten our audience with his geocaching experience and banter.

gcpc hosts

Episode 372 in October of 2014 the show took on another major change.  Darrylw4 decides to retire from the GCPC to pursue his endeavors with his other running podcast The Geogearheads.  This left a huge hole with the cast and an immediate call out for a fourth host was placed. Fortunately it did not take too much time to find another great geocaching personality.  Officially starting in Episode 382,  Chad Courtney aka TAZ427 was selected from a fine group of potential hosts. His fun wit and  geocaching knowledge made him the perfect choice. Raised a mid-westerner but living in Texas, Chad gives that great southern perspective that well rounds out all of the hosts and where they currently live today.

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