The Geocaching Podcast is a weekly audio show recorded live on Wednesday nights at 9:30 PM EST. We talk about all the latest news tips and tricks that have to do with Geocaching. The Podcast is hosted by

Andy HeadHardHat Smith, Darrylw4 and new guy Dave TheCarolinaCacher Kent

The podcast was formed when in November of 2006 xpunkx stumbled on to a website called talkshoe that would let you talk about things that you were interested in and you could also have a live audience. So he thought. Hmm what do i like to do? Geocaching that is what i will do a show on. So sitting in his little office at work he fired up the talkshoe client and dialed in with his phone. He talked for a few minutes on what Geocaching is. No one showed up live and he had never had experience podcasting before.

The next few episodes went kind better as there were a few people that listened to the show. The show was produced with a computer microphone threw the talkshoe service still didn’t sound the best but people were listening and he was getting better at podcasting.

At this stage xpunkx realized that he needed a co-host. He put out a call for co hosts and Darrylw4 answered that call on a temporary basis until we could find a permanent one. We also brought montu_rider on also as a co host to alternate weeks with darryl. At some point in this whole thing we decided to just have everyone on every week.

The podcast still being recorded in xpunkx computer room with a computer mic and still sounding like it was recorded on the telephone, until one day thanks to awesome listeners who donated, we bought a mixer board and a mic.

Since xpunkx gets so distracted by the live chat we also decided to bring geekboy.from.illinois as a production assistant he helps scan the chat room and brings things to our attention. He also helps post links that we have from our notes to the chat room.

Montu_Rider had some personal issues going on and couldn’t make it every week so we brought on HeadHardHat at the end of March, 2011 to be the third host.

At the end of September 2013 XpunkX followed new ventures and decided to leave the show. HeadHardHat took over the lead host role and show’s producer. Co-Host Dave TheCarolinaCacher Kent came to the show as a new co-host.

We look forward to producing many more episodes of geocaching content for you!