Episode 194 – March Cacher Coffee

by andy on March 3, 2011



On this episode we talk about a new locationless cache on Terracaching to support the earthquake in NZ. We also take a question about what applications are available for geocaching with the Blackberry. We talk about how Geocaching in NSW national parks is now allowed. We also take a question on our thoughts on if it is ok for a geocache owner to require the FTF hounds not to try and be FTF on his cache. And finally we talk about the archiving of the E.T. Highway caches that we chatted about on Episode 192

Chat Log
E.T. Highway Archival Log
Episode 192 – ET Highway Power Trail
Geocaching is now allowed in NSW

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  1. [...] listened to the Geocacher Podcast today and one of the cache owners of the ET Highway series read the message he received advising [...]

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