GCPC EPISODE 406 – Tips For Responsible Geocaching


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Streamed live on Jun 17, 2015

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The hosts discuss the dos and don’ts of Responsible Geocaching. Like do be safe finding a geocache. Do Not stick your hand in that deep dark pit before poking it with a stick….

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Show Notes Episode 406

From Treadlightly.org

Travel Responsibly
HHH: Do Use the “trackback” feature on your Global Positioning System (GPS) unit rather than flagging and marking trails. Do not wander in endless circles until the park ranger or another geocacher saves you.
TAZ: Do make sure you follow the rules of the road. Do not read the cache description/hint while driving.
SCOTT: Buddy up with two or three geocachers, reducing vulnerability if you have an accident or breakdown.
COREY: Tell someone where you are going before you go. * Plan your route so you can leave water caches if you plan to come back the same way (long hikes). *

Respect the Rights of Others
TAZ: Do not trespass – especially when posted. Do not push little kids down going for FTF’s
HHH: Keep the noise and dust down – minimal impact – No Boomboxes!
COREY: Put the cache back where you found it, not where you think it should be hidden.

Educate Yourself
HHH: Do Check the weather forecast for your destination. Plan clothing, equipment, and supplies accordingly. Do Not Expect to put all of your expensive equipment into your used sandwich baggie.
TAZ: Do learn about the locations / environments you’re going into. What are the potential dangers, or local laws which may differ.
TAZ: Do take the time to learn about different Geocaching tools/Apps (i.e. Learn how to use your GPSr or GPS Averaging App to get coordinates when placing a cache.)
SCOTT: Make a realistic plan and stick to it. Always tell someone of your travel plans.
SCOTT: Carry water and emergency supplies even on short trips.
COREY: Listen to great podcasts like ours!

Do Your Part
TAZ: Do CITO while caching. Do make a CITO kit part of your caching kit.
SCOTT: If you notice a path has started to wear in the vicinity of a cache, notify the cache owner via email.

HHH: Use maps to find a route that will minimize impacts. Note waypoints during your journey to assist you on your return trip. Bushwacking to the geocache first and then using the trail should be the exception not the rule.
COREY: Get involved in the community. There are many parks and wildlife organizations, including state and federal ones that would love to have volunteers come and be a part of the solution to keeping our land natural and beautiful.

Minimizing Other Impacts
TAZ: Do not destroy nature needlessly. Do not disturb the habitats of animals when placing caches (i.e. don’t rob that Robin’s nest to place a cache in it.)
HHH: Carry a trash bag on your vehicle and pick up litter left by others. Do not assume someone else will pick it up if you don’t
COREY: Use the trails that are there! Most caches are placed near trails, or close by. Seldom was a cached placed by bushwhacking and making new trails.

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