GCPC EPISODE 428 – More Stringent Geocaching Rules?


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Streamed live on Dec 2, 2015

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
Headhardhat brings up the discussion to see if more stringent geocaching rules need to be put into place to keep the game from falling into a sea of cluttered chaos.

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Show Notes Episode 428

GCPC EPISODE 428 – More Stringent Geocaching Rules?

Should the reviewing process be more stringent for new geocaches overall?

The geocaching listing guidelines now states “We encourage you to find at least twenty geocaches before you choose to hide one.”
The number twenty is not overall relevant to geocaching hides. A geocacher could easily get twenty hides in a day/power trail/etc.
Google maps, Google Earth, Google Streets and usually dated information.
Should a more granular questionnaire be used to specify for the reviewer where and how the placement is done?
There is no guarantee for the reviewer that the information provided is accurate or true.

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