GCPC EPISODE 439 – Geocaching Collectibles – What is your geocaching collection like?


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Feb 17, 2016,

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The guys get together to discuss their individual geocaching collections and what may possess geocachers into building up a collection of their own.

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The Video Version of our Podcast

GCPC EPISODE 439 – Geocaching Collectables – What is your geocaching collection like?

What items do you like to find in a geocache?
Do you trade swag?
What types of items do you collect?
Most unusual/expensive item found and how did you trade for it?
custom/signature items

Likes anything shiney
Likes wooden nickels when found
Likes the unusual when found – Science Museum – Shark Tooth
Most unusual was a FTF gift of a Navy Sailor’s ship coin and medals.

patches on my caching bag
small group of pathtags
big group of coins

I love to find geocoins in caches
Travelbugs too.
Signature items of all kinds: Pathtags, Bottlecaps, Wooden Nickels, Geocaching business cards, …
Most unusual was probably a stick of chewing gum
I usually don’t swap for swag and only grab trackables and personal items which I don’t treat as swag.
That said, I keep some random swag items in my bag that one day could become attached to a TB, and I’ll swap them out.

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