GCPC EPISODE 465 – What Drives A Geocacher To Keep Geocaching?



August 31, 2016

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
Go over the finer points of geocaching and how a geocacher keeps active in our game, sport and obsession.

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GCPC MAILBAG: Ask Our Hosts – Scott Berks:
Here is a question for you. I have been caching for a while now but have not expanded my technological abilities much. Recently I decided I need to figure out how to run pocket queries. I am able to do that just fine but my question is how the heck do I get them to become available on my app? I am currently using cachly, you would think since the app is connected with my geocaching.com account they would magically appear, but this does not seem to be the case. Any tips?
EB3754 Genoa, IL

Answer from Nic at Cach.ly

“Sounds like they are not generating the PQ correctly (on the geocaching.com site). They need to make sure they are checking the check boxes for which days to run the queries, once they do this, and get the email from geocaching.com it will be available in Cachly.

Once they have generated the PQ online, it will instantly be available in Cachly. It just sounds like they have not yet generated the PQ.”

What Drives A Geocacher?
Gotta find them all
Clearing out an area
Hiking goals

What to do when you get into a rut?
Place a cache or two
Have an event to meet new cachers
Go out with fellow cachers, not alone
Do some challenges or set your own

How to avoid getting into a rut?
Find different types of caches
Work on challenges

How to keep geocaching interesting?
Cache with different people
Cache in different places
Set goals for yourself

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