GCPC EPISODE 479 – Nic Hubbard Goes Over NEW Cachly v2


December 14th, 2016

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The gang discuss Version 2 of the iOS Geocaching Application Cachly with creator Nic Hubbard. Come find out all you need to know about this amazing geocaching app and the new features it has in version 2.

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GCPC EPISODE 479 Show Notes


From: Anteaus

Howdy from Texas! I came across this article and thought y’all might want to share this for your listeners in Utah or anyone planning on going there. Sounds pretty cool, you can get a patch from each of their counties and a geocoin once completing the tour.


Via Infoferret:

Guest Host: Nic Hubbard
Creator of Cachly Geocaching App

Talk points v2:
Offline OSM vector maps
Updated User Profile now shows Finds, Hides, Logs, Souvenirs, User Gallery and much more.
Updated map callout, list view and cache details screen with more information such as favorites and trackables.
Highlight caches
Highlight caches from GSAK GPX import if user flag is set
Refresh caches in an offline list

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