GCPC EPISODE 482 – Things I Wish I’d Known When I Starting Out Geocaching



January 11th, 2017

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The gang discuss geocaching with the perspective of hindsight as they talk about tips and ideas they wish they had known when first starting geocaching. A great discussion to be sure.

Be sure to check it out! Please share with other geocachers.

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GCPC EPISODE 482 Show Notes


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Point of Reference
The actual hide itself and how they can be hidden
Different container types
Understanding the difficulty of a hide

LPC’s are not the coolest thing you’ll ever see
Wearing shorts/flip flops into the woods to cache is NOT a good idea
What poison ivy looks like
When hiking all day in the summer, 2 12oz water bottles are NOT enough


Mine are more things to think about, rather than ‘power searching tips’…
Re-read the cache page, hints and the logs to see if there’s something there that can help you when you’re at the location.
A DNF is not an admission of failure, but to maximise your chances, look for geocaches that have been found recently, and by people with just a few finds.
Different people play this game / sport / obsession in different ways, and that’s perfectly fine.

Here are a few suggestions from other NZ cachers I asked for ideas:
Don’t rely too much on the technology – stand back, take a breath, trust your instincts, what looks out of place, where would I hide it……. be aware that coordinates may well be inaccurate, especially under trees.
The quickest route to a cache isn’t necessarily in a straight line – don’t forget to look at the map!
Go to events and meet other cachers to get a better understanding of the Geo world, great for teamwork and solving those pesky caches that elude you.
If something looks out of place, it probably is. Geocaches are often right in front of you. A fake looking dog poo (or chewing gum) may not actually be fake – Act with extreme caution…sticks are your friend!
A good cache deserves an appreciative log. Tells the person who placed it, took lots of way point readings and time writing it up that you enjoyed it. TFTC or easy find is like saying “Meh” (OK, I was guilty of that at the start)…

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