GCPC EPISODE 488 – Geocaching Bucket List Take Two



March 8th, 2017

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
Its been several years since we brought up our favorite geocaching bucket lists we wanted to see before we take the eternal dirt nap of life. We discuss them with each other in this episode. Maybe it will entice you to go searching for your must haves as well.

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GCPC EPISODE 488 Show Notes

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Hi Guys,

Loved Show 485 with the different Geocaching vehicle ideas. Investigated the Tifffin Coach Zephyr and really love this luxury coach. So here is the idea. This coach is able to pull 15000 lb. So get a trailer that fits your favorite SUV + this trailer (came across this link by fluke)


Watch the trailer video of the UEV-440 The Swiss Army Knife Camping Trailer, to find out how unique their design is.

We believe this combo would get you to ANY geocache accessible via ground (no water, though). And think about the luxury that awaits you when you come back…

Keep on cachin’

Three Stars
Chris, Yvonne and Sascha


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