GCPC EPISODE 496 – Geocaching Muggles Over The Years



May 10th, 2017

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The GCPC hosts discuss the delicate situations when geocaching muggles are involved. What is a Muggle and why should geocachers be cautious around them? Find out with us as we talk about this.

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GCPC EPISODE 496 Show Notes

How To Deal With Geocaching Muggles

Muggle Wiki – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggle

What is a muggle?
A muggle in geocaching terms is a person who does not know what geocaching is.
In their eyes we can look odd, crazy, or even suspicious.

A general thinking about muggles:
From the Forums:

“I’m pretty new to Geocaching, so I’m hoping the community can help explain something to me – why the general feeling that Geocaching must be hidden from Muggles?
Is it just because of how often non-players may steal/damage/move a cache?
Or is it an exclusivity thing?

Theft or vandalization of geocaches.

How has muggles changed over the years.

Geocaching when it was a more secret game.
Being much more covert back then

Types of Muggles – a sort of classification:

The Oblivious Muggle
This type of muggle just goes along it’s daily life completely oblivious of geocaching as a whole. They are most likely to just stumble upon you while geocaching. Usually too wrapped up with what they are doing to even notice you.

The Semi-Curious Muggle
These muggles are fairly aware of their surroundings and may notice a geocacher if they are not known to them. They may catch your body language and just out of curiosity may come up to you and ask what you are doing.

The Lingerer Muggle
These are one of the most frustrating muggles to geocachers. Lingerers usually stand or sit right next to a geocache minding their own business. When this happens you have to just wait until they leave before approaching ground zero.

“Murphy’s Law of muggles: If there is a muggle anywhere within 500ft of a geocache, they will be standing at ground zero”

The Whistle Blower
This is the muggle geocachers dread. It is usually the nosey neighbor that has to know every person walking up and down the street. They start to panic if an unfamiliar car of person is in their field of view and they are also the first people to call the police just because they can. Note some whistleblowers call the police just to be recognized as a good citizen and won’t think twice calling the authorities just to be in the spotlight.

The Active Anti-cacher
While they general have an idea of what it is, they don’t accept it as they way you describe it and associate many potential negatives towards it and do things like, actively destroy containers, promote it as organized littering, go so far as having social media campaigns against it because it destroys nature.

Just Found This Today. Flattered they used my work… 🙂
From My YouTube Video – GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos-How To Deal With Geocaching Muggles from September of 2010

Why Do Geocachers Look Suspicious To Muggles?
– We hunch over
– Strange Devices
– Our Body Posture – Looking over our shoulder
– Geocache with Confidence

Muggle Ideas
– GPS as a phone
– Construction Worker Vest
– Clipboard
– Approached by a muggle – what to do?
– Don’t lie, especially to official muggles.
– Tell them about geocaching
– Pamphlet!


LEO Encounters and People of Authority
You are not doing anything illegal, unless you are. Trespassing, etc.
Don’t Lie – Tell the truth
Have spare pamphlets in your pack

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