GCPC EPISODE 499 – Geocaching.com’s Souvenirs Past and Present



June 7th, 2017

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
With the soon to be 2017 Summer Promotion on the near horizon. We thought it would be a great time to go over what this entails and review over souvenirs of the past.

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GCPC EPISODE 499 Show Notes

All Geocaching.com Souvenirs

Geocaching’s 2017 summer promotion.

Greetings, fellow treasure seekers!

It’s time to give you a heads up about Geocaching’s 2017 summer promotion.

Spanning the globe and the seven seas, all ages can enjoy geocaching in a fun, new way this summer. The infamous Captain Mary Hyde is challenging geocachers to build a crew and claim the treasure unknown!

Her ship, The Golden Cache, was the fiercest, and the bearded buccaneers and sea legged sailors reported to her. Legend has it that she ruled the high seas for many years, and found no shortage of riches throughout her reign.

We’ve come upon a battered letter, found in a bottle on the shore near Geocaching HQ, with the infamous crest of Captain Mary Hyde.

It seems there is one last treasure yet to be found. Make yer way through a four week souvenir journey to find the lost treasure of Mary Hyde. Up to six digital souvenir moments are up for grabs, and on Geocaching.com is something new to be had…

July 15-16 – Build your crew by attending or hosting an event and earn a souvenir. The more friends you have on Geocaching.com, the easier it will be to keep sailing on…

July 17-23 – Though the treasure may seem far away, if you work together you’ll earn the first map piece one day.

July 24-30 – Don’t be afraid to take the lead, to earn the next map piece you already have everything that you need.

July 31-August 6 – When you work with a crew, earning the third map piece becomes easier to do.

August 7-13 – Challenge yourself to earn the last piece, or else the search for lost treasure will never cease.

Visit the Geocaching Blog for more about Captain Mary Hyde and her lost treasure. More clues are forthcoming in the coming weeks as the mystery unfolds.


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