GCPC EPISODE 529 – Random Geocaching Questions



In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The gang goes over some interesting conversation topics from the geocaching forums and also discuss viewer suggestions about finding archived geocaches from last weeks show.
Be sure to check it out!
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GCPC EPISODE 529 Show Notes

GCPC EPISODE 529 – Random Geocaching Questions

From The Forums:

Archive, or pass the baton?

Why Do People Hate Micros?

One climber… multiple loggers

For more give the show a listen…


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GCPC Mailbag…
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Subject Last Episode – Finding Archived Geocaches

Hi everyone,
I was listening to your last podcast this morning and heard about the question for archived caches. Thought I could give a little help with that.
On project-gc.com, it’s easy to display a map of all the caches of an area, including the archived and/or disabled ones.
Go to Tools / Map compare. Input your name, location, check “none found” and “one found”, and add the filter “Show disabled / archived”
Other filters are also available to narrow the search down if needed).
Then you get a mat of all the caches of that area, showing the archived ones with a red cross on the icon.
Below the map is also a complete list of the caches displayed.
Hope this answers the question.

Thanks for the great podcast and keep on podcasting!
Vincent aka Vinceo from Grenoble, France.

Hey guys (and Jessie), I was just listening to the most recent show. You talked about how to find archived caches. I did find one potential workaround. It’s not perfect but it does work.

If you use the map compare feature on project-gc you can select to show archived caches. I suggest limiting the area as it will pull up all caches. The good part is that it clearly shows archived ones marked out with a red X on the map with clickable links to the cache pages. Hope this helps and good show as usual.

Jesse/Memfis Mafia

Special thanks to BroncoCole and all the others that sent in their suggestions!

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