Episode 359 – Shrinking Geocaches

In a very interesting fact filled episode of the Geocaching Podcast: Episode 359 – Shrinking Geocaches. Hosts Andy HeadHardHat Smith, Darrylw4 and StevensAdInfinitum discussed some fascinating revelations with regards to the entire geocaching timeline and the trends of geocache size at placement. The data was collected from Project-GC.com for the countries of Australia, Canada, Germany, U.K., and the U.S. Note – Data is only available through June 2014.

Below are the graphs for each country. Special thanks to Darrylw4 for the data correlation and graph creation.

We recommend to watch the video-cast or listen to the podcast for all the insights and observations given by the show hosts.

If you cannot see the video above please use the YouTube link below:

The Audio version of this podcast is here:

Current Active Geocaches


Australia: Geocache Size % By Date


Canada: Geocache Size % By Date


Germany: Geocache Size % By Date


United Kingdom: Geocache Size % By Date


United States: Geocache Size % By Date



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