GCPC EPISODE 414 – How To Effectively Mentor Geocachers


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Streamed live on Aug 19, 2015

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
With heavy thunderstorms approaching we are hoping to have tonight’s episode without interruption. The guys discuss what it takes to be a good mentor and give some great examples from their experiences with geocaching. Should be a shocking experience. Just kidding no lightning strikes please…

Be sure to check it out!

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Show Notes Episode 414
Actually taking a geocacher(s) geocaching to accomplish – what?
Good General Perspective of the game
To experience the joys of the game
Kids to geocache correctly

Geocaching Events
Geocaching classes
Geocaching 101
Geocachers Creed
Specialty Concepts
Placing and maintaining a cache
Creative geocache hides

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