GCPC EPISODE 433 – Winter Geocaching Tips


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Streamed live on Jan 06, 2016

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The guys go over Winter Geocaching Tips from their past experiences. Learn some key information that can keep you safe and make a more enjoyable geocaching experience.
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The Video Version of our Podcast

Show Notes Episode 433

GCPC EPISODE 433 – Winter Geocaching Tips

A very cool routing web based tool – furkot.com

What is so special about Winter Geocaching?
Winter Geocache Preparation – finding and hiding
Winter Geocaching Travel Tips
Holiday Geocaching with / or without the family

Other Winter Topics Discussion

Heavy snow and ice can trap a geocache – Move them upwards as an option?
Freezing weather can freeze and break certain things within a geocache
Disable the geocache as an option or use the Winter Attribute

Winterizing Maintenance
Consider the changes of the seasons and how they interact with geocache hides:
Snow, Ice and Flood issues
Foliage disappears
Know how high to hide your geocache
Changing camouflage if necessary
Things get wet, moist and frozen
Pens can freeze
Containers can become brittle
Lids can stick (metal)

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