GCPC EPISODE 436 – Geocaching Snacks And Drinks


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Streamed live on Jan 27, 2016

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
The guys talk about one of the favorite subjects of geocachers – FOOD and SNACKS. See what interesting facts they can come up with this delicious geocaching subject.

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Show Notes Episode 436

GCPC EPISODE 436 – Geocaching Snacks And Drinks

Changes in geocaching eating habits over the years.
Seems people were much more health conscious in the past
Picnics anyone?
Now much more fast food if food is an item at all
We do love our junk food – now more than ever
Favorite places to go now?
Trying something new

Geocacching Poll – HHH
Water 12.00%
Energy/Health Bars 9.33%
Jerky 9.33%
Candy 7.33%
Nuts 5.33%
Dried Fruits 4.67%
Gatorade 4.67%
Chips 4.00%
Crackers 4.00%
Soda / Pop 4.00%
Trail Mix 4.00%
Gorp 3.33%
Cheese sticks 2.67%
Fruit 2.67%
Sandwiches 2.67%
Alcoholic Beverage 2.00%
Fast food 2.00%
Licorice 2.00%
Meats 2.00%
Cookies 1.33%
Krispy Kremes 1.33%
Pretzels 1.33%
Raisins 1.33%
Tea 1.33%
Bagel 0.67%
Chex Mix 0.67%
Energy Drink 0.67%
Greek Foods 0.67%
Juice 0.67%
Milk 0.67%
Sunflower seeds 0.67%
Vegetables 0.67%

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