GCPC EPISODE 437 – Stolen Geocaches – Why?


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Streamed live on Feb 03, 2016

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
Host Scott Berks describes a frustratingly bizarre situation of geocachers stealing ammo boxes. Come visit with us as we discuss this troubling development.

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GCPC EPISODE 437 – Stolen Geocaches – Why?

The geotrash zinger zapper shows up every few years
Can’t understand the need to steal ammo box geocaches – saving for the zombie apocalypse?
Is the only replacement the micro? Then what?
Chaining down ammo boxes?

Its a shame and then we all wonder why there are no ammos out there. Was not muggled, bad apple cachers.
off topic. When checking on one, noticed that a high profile couple from WI replaced instead of logging a DNF. No wonder high numbers, they NEVER dnf a cache. Don’t just drop!


I know this past year in the Houston Area that Ammo can’s seemed to be coming up missing. I personally DNF’d several that turned out to be stolen ammo can’s. One was during international CITO day – luckily the cache owner was at the CITO.
If they’re in areas that are more publicly accessible, I’ve cabled the Ammo cans I’ve put out and used crimp connectors to make them more permanent. The one I didn’t do this to went floating down the Brazos River last May (only a few feet from cresting the levee)
Talking to folks at events, it seems that even cabled Ammo Cans were susceptible. People had been using bolt/wire cutters to cut the tethers and in one case snapped the small tree to get the Ammo can. Really people, go to a frigging Army Surplus store already.

Listener Insights:

Timothy – They want to hide them there self. This happened up here in NY. We finally got the person.

Debra – I have an ammo can out but it is right across the road from my house so maybe that will be a deterrent

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