GCPC EPISODE 460 – What Other Location Based Games Can Learn From Geocaching



July 20, 2016

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
Let’s face it with the introduction of Pokemon Go there are tons of things people should not be doing with location based games. Tonight we try to show our experience with geocaching and some helpful and even life saving tips. Also check out Armchair Empire to get all the gaming gear you need.

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Mistakes players seem to be doing:
No Common Sense – When you have to tell players to stay out of mine shafts or active minefields (Yugoslavia)- the lines get blurred between the game placing objects in areas it should not and the players realizing the danger they are putting themselves into. Are we all now mindless Lemmings?

NO RESPECT for where they go whether it’s trespassing or not. Geocachers have learned to respect other people’s property
Driving Skills – Geocachers have learned to follow a GPS and make it safely to ground zero – Other gamers – not so much article from today – Driver slams into Baltimore cop car while playing Pokemon Go.
Games like PoGo and Ingress have a contingent of players who play the game while driving. Are we getting that lazy to not get out and walk?
Location Placement – Getting permission as to random placement of key game pieces.

I have found that games that give immediate reward tend to wain quicker once the shiny wears off or the rewards become more difficult to achieve. With geocaching you know you have to think/work for them.
As much as we love to complain about them. You can really see why guidelines and rules are needed for an interactive gaming system. Otherwise you have chaos.
There is nothing like finding a physical, creatively made container well hidden and a challenge to find.
Think of all the different types of geocaches there are. Each with their own problem solving and deductive skills needed to find them.
We try to combine activities with geocaching anyways (camping, hiking, photography, etc.) What is wrong with other activities as we geocache?

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