GCPC EPISODE 466 – How To Create A Great Multi-Cache



September 07, 2016

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
What is a multi-geocache and what can make them great? Find out from tonight’s hosts on the finer points of making and hiding your very own multi geocache.

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I logged my 400th OpenCaching North America cache on Saturday (8/20), International Geocaching Day, and just 2 days after OCNA’s 6th anniversary.

Calvert County Meet n Greet (OU0A15/GC6JFZW) was hosted by Krip’s Curves and listed on both OpenCaching and Groundspeak.

Dave / DudleyGrunt

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What is a multi geocache?

What type of variations are there?
Stages can be Physical or Virtual:

Physical Stages: The cache owner has placed something at the location, such as a container, tag, or label. There is no minimum distance between stages within a single Multi-Cache.

Virtual Stages: The cache owner has not placed anything at the location. Instead, a geocacher gathers information from features already at the location, such as a sign or objects to count. Virtual stages can be used to bring geocachers to locations where leaving a physical stage is difficult or not allowed.

A Multi-Cache May Involve:

A container or object that provides coordinates
A formula for converting information found at stages to coordinates or clues
Counting objects at one of the stages
Simple arithmetic
Simple ciphering (example: A=1, B=2)
Multiple choice questions about something at the location
A simple field puzzle
A projection (using a compass bearing and distance from a specific point to determine the location of another specific point, usually a stage or final)

Should it be Listed as a Multi-Cache or a Mystery/Puzzle Cache?

– If a cache has multiple stages (virtual or physical) and can be found by reading the cache description and following the instructions in the field, it should be listed as a Multi-Cache.
– If working out the clues requires advanced work or is so complex that many will need outside assistance, then the cache should probably be listed as a Mystery/Puzzle Cache, even if it is multi-staged.
– If the listing coordinates are used to calculate a projection without the need to visit the location, it should be listed as a Mystery/Puzzle Cache. If a projection must be calculated in the field using bearing and distance from one of the stages, it should be listed as a Multi-Cache.

What make the difference between so-so and WOW!
What makes a so-so multi and what to avoid?
Why do multi caches seem to be avoided in the US but not in other parts of the world?

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