GCPC EPISODE 517 – Top Things To Be Thankful For With Geocaching



November 22nd, 2017

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast: The guys give thanks to geocaching and all that it has brought to us over the years.

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GCPC EPISODE 517 Show Notes

GCPC EPISODE 517 – Top Things To Be Thankful For With Geocaching

I am Geocaching Thankful for:
The Host Specific Thankfuls:
HHH – Thankful for 9+ years of getting outside and exploring. Even if it is in my neighborhood.
HHH – Thankful for my geocaching partner Wife Amy who many times instigates us going out geocaching.
HHH – Thankful for all the technologies that have come and gone over the years
HHH – Thankful of the interesting surprises i have encountered in my travels.
HHH – Thankful for never really knowing what I am going to find with every geocache I try to go for.
SB – for the friendships I’ve made
SB – the places I’ve seen. I have been to half the US caching
IF – for the CO’s (and also the Reviewers) who’ve taken the trouble to place and maintain the caches I’ve found.
IF – for the people who’ve found my caches and left interesting logs for others to read.

The General thankfuls:
All the places I have been while geocaching
All the people I have met while geocaching
All the memories over the years while geocaching
All the stories I have to share while geocaching
For health, enough money for the petrol, and good enough weather to cache!


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Welcome back!!!
You’ve done lots of shows on trip planning, but I haven’t heard one done on route planning (unless of course I missed it 🙂

I know where I want to go. I have all the stops (at least primary ones) identified. Now, I need to find the most efficient route possible, that gets me from a starting point to a destination point. Oh yeah, and it has to be free, because as we have all recently learned, Geocaching is Free, right?

Google maps does a good job, but you’re limited to 10 stops. I was currently trying to plan for an attempt at the Geotour-GT77, “Butler County Donut Trail”. It has 15 stops, plus starting at my home address and ending there too, so I need 17 stops.

Google searches revealed several tools for planning a route, but they all want an address! Now I have to figure out how to convert coordinates into a street address. I did find a couple that took coordinates, but they were also limited to the number of stops on the route.

What’s a cacher todo? Any hints, tips, applications, or other tools would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the show, and hopefully some suggestions!
aka Tim Green
Rockford, Michigan

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