GCPC EPISODE 519 – Scott Berks: JewoCaching Day – The Tradition



December 06th, 2017

In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:
We at GCPC appreciate tradition and one that we hope catches on is JewCaching Day. That special holiday geocaching day featuring our Jewish geocachers. Come learn about everything that is involved from it’s founder, our very own Scott Berks.

Be sure to check it out! Please share with other geocachers.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 9:30PM ET at http://www.geocachingpodcast.com/live so you can see us record the show live and join in the chat room. See you there!

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The Video Version of our Podcast

GCPC EPISODE 519 Show Notes

GCPC EPISODE 519 – Scott Berks: JewoCaching Day – The Tradition


Load of new souvenirs from Groundspeak:
5 new countries + Australia Day (Contentious). https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2017/12/five-new-geocaching-country-souvenirs/

Where in the world is Signal the Frog®? Australia!

And some changes to how things are listed…
Release Notes (Website: Edit Cache Listing page) – December 5, 2017


GCPC Mailbag…Send your geocaching email to:


From: Randy Barnhart


Groundspeak has dispatched a person “GeoCrater” to monitor and archive caches that need maintenance in New Hampshire. His actions have become overzealous in the opinions of many of the veteran caches in the Granite State.

For instance, if a cache has two DNF’s he is contacting the cache owner and requiring maintenance or archive. Many of the new cachers are quick to log a DNF. What if the cache is hard to find?

Have you folks encountered similar “clean up” activities directed by Groundspeak? Note: if you want, go onto Facebook to the “Granite State Geocachers” page and read a post from Stan Gove. If you want someone to call into your show to discuss, I’m sure some of these folks would be happy to chat.

HHH: Can’t find Stan Gove post…

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