GCPC EPISODE 527 – March 2018 Cacher Coffee



In tonight’s episode of the Geocaching Podcast:

The GCPC hosts get out their favorite beverage and discuss many of the current activities going on in the geocaching world.

Be sure to check it out!

Please share with other geocachers. We meet on Wednesday nights at 9:30PM ET at http://www.geocachingpodcast.com/live so you can see us record the show live and join in the chat room.

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GCPC EPISODE 527 Show Notes

GCPC EPISODE 527 – March 2018 Cacher Coffee

9 Tips for responsible cache maintenance

9 Tips for responsible cache maintenance

Planetary Pursuit launch support (aka FAQ)

Planetary Pursuit launch support (aka FAQ)

Release Notes (Website: Attributes) – March 5, 2018

For more give the show a listen…


Greetings, fellow Earthlings,

The year is 2650. You are invited to join the Geocaching Explorers Club and be among the first geocachers to visit every planet in our Solar System earning souvenirs along the way. Find different geocache types to collect points on the Friend League between March 19 and April 8 and earn up to 10 new souvenirs to become an Official Space Explorer.

Visit the Friend League to activate your scoring control board and prepare to lift off on March 19.
Watch the Planetary Pursuit webpage for an FAQ to go live later today.
Link: http://planetarypursuit.space/

Yours in caching,

Geocaching HQ

GCPC Mailbag…
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Hi Guys

Wonder if I can get some advice and your thoughts.

I have a cache (which Sarah TS has found recently) that has a high percentage of favourite points. Without giving too much away, it has multiple logbooks and the geocacher is required to sign the logbook for the day that they are there (ie if they find the cache on the 9th, then they need to sign the logbook for the 9th, if they find it on the 14th, then they need to sign the logbook for the 14th etc..)

From some of the online logs I’ve seen, finders have commented that it appears that some cachers have just signed the first logbook they have found, not for the date that they are there.

Most of me thinks, meh, no big deal. And it’s really not a big deal. But then part of me thinks, no, the instructions were pretty clear, they may have found the cache, but they’ve signed the wrong logbook.

Best course of action? Let it go, or is it grounds for deleting their log?

Great show, and I watch live when I can. Always appreciate the Southern Hemisphere view of things.

aka 2wombles

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